4 winemaker’s generations

How our wine comes to life

A unique Terroir



The soils


Thermal excursion

The forest

How our wine come to life

Organic agriculture and a natural approach to farming

Our Wines

Pietro 1904

Romagna Sangiovese Superiore DOC

Cesco 1938

Romagna Sangiovese Predappio DOC

Dante 1872

Romagna Sangiovese
Predappio Riserva DOC


IGT Forlì Bianco
Chardonnay Riesling

Il Conte Pietro

Romagna Sangiovese Superiore DOC

Come visit

A warm welcome is our passion! A beautiful natural scenario surrounds our estate and ignites our drive and passion. We will show you around and explain our terroir’s peculiarities and our approach to winemaking. At the cellar, you will taste our wines. We want you to feel how they fully represent our land and environment.

Our Photo Contest

The Tenuta Piccolo Brunelli photo contest comes to life because of the need to mix the enthusiastic approach of the Photography world and the poetry of Romagna’s Apennines. Let our vineyards and wines inspire you.

They are the contest’s theme together with the surrounding environment. You will have the chance to move freely over almost 300 hectares of land.

Show us the very best of your skills between 15ᵗʰ September and 15ᵗʰ  October. Come and visit us with your reflex and your passion.

The best 3 photo shoots will receive an award and special bottles of wine as a prize.

The best 20 shoots will be on display at the European Photography event in Reggio Emilia.

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