What makes our Terroir unique

Nature gave us an extraordinary combination of elements. It is our duty to protect this ecosystem and produce wines that are the highest expression of this land.



It is not just Predappio’s main vine but Romagna’s. These magnificent grapes define our identity and our land.



The heart of Sangiovese di Romagna; center of the best productions and the best wines. Centuries after the first vineyard was planted, the Predappio terroir still distinguishes us.

The Terrain

The soil, over 10million years old, is mostly marl and sandstone. These rich geological formations are ideal for wine production in Romagna. It is exclusive of the high lands.


It is the great plus of our terroir! Altitude between 350m and 400m above sea level permits a prolonged ripening, this allows us to create complex and superior wines.

Temperature range

It distinguishes us the most. Nights are cool and fresh even in the hottest months. A temperature up to 15 deg lower than the foothills allows us to enhance the olfactory component of our wines.

The Forest

This is a great ally in the fight against soaring temperatures. The woods lower them, especially in the evening. Our wines could not be the same without this magical ecosystem.


North West. Towards the future! Limiting the impact of sunlight is essential because of the ever-warming vintages.

How we produce our wine

Conversione al biologico
We are in the transition to certified biological production. Man’s impact has to be respectful and accurate. Agronomic practices that protect both Nature and Man safeguard our vineyards. The grapes’ cultivation is both ethical and natural.

The Organic 

We are currently in transition process. Our production procedures are both natural and technical. The certification is a mandatory achievement

Vine Pruning

We use the Simonit & Sirch Method. This technique, based on ancient traditions that respect the lymphatic flow, allows us to safeguard the integrity and general health of our vineyards

No Herbicides

We have banned any order of chemical herbicide a long time ago. If necessary we work the soil mechanically, it is better for both Man and Vine.

Green Manure

This technique allows a natural fertilization of the soil. We do not use chemical fertilization. We sow before winter and mow just before the blossoming.

Thinning clusters

We select the best clusters just before the color change, depending on season. This allows us to obtain the most from the grapes. It is a long and demanding, but necessary, task.

The harvest

We don’t just harvest by hand. We delicately lay the grapes in semi drying baskets, one bunch next to the other. Not one single grape will break before the fermentation begins.

Wine making

Fermentation starts spontaneously in concrete tanks. The grapes are always intact and are separated by clone and vineyard. We break the cap and pump over only manually.

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