Let’s discover the Estate together

Hospitality is our passion! We are so happy to welcome you in our cellar

A walk through the vines.

We will show you the most accessible vineyards, the variety of vines and different working techniques. You will experience how we take care of our vines and our land.

From the Vineyards to the Cellar

We will show our wine cellar and explain in detail all the winemaking phases and procedures. Our wines come to life here.

Our efforts in a bottle

At last, we will share the experience of tasting our wines, the result of our work, commitment and passion. We will show you the characteristics and peculiarities of each label you will taste, how it is born and how it evolves, refines and best matches with food.

Info about the visit

From Monday to Saturday
reservation only

2 people minimum
50 maximum

The visit will last approx
1 hour

The visits we propose

Sangiovese experience


2 wines tasting

Sangiovese Superior experience


2 wines tasting + refreshments
(piadina + salami + local cheese)

Sangiovese Riserva experience


4 wines tasting + refreshments
(piadina + salami + local cheese)

Reservations and enquiries

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